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What to see in Sóller: a treasure in Mallorca

Discover What to See and Do in Sóller, a Village You Must Not Miss in Mallorca

Sóller, a charming village in Mallorca, is a destination that combines history, nature, and culture. Surrounded by a fertile valley of orange trees, this place captures the essence of Mallorca with its rich heritage and stunning landscapes. Want to know what to see on your visit to Sóller? Keep reading this article.

what to see in soller

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Explore its Historic Center

Walking through Sóller is like stepping back in time. Its architecture, influenced by Joan Rubió i Bellver, a disciple of Gaudí, includes gems like the neo-Gothic church of San Bartomeu, which you can visit Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 1 pm, and the Bank of Sóller. Streets like Sa Lluna offer a glimpse into its prosperous past, with buildings ranging from medieval to modernist.

A Stop at the Plaza de la Constitución

This space is the heart of Sóller, where local life comes alive. Surrounded by bars, restaurants, and historical buildings, it’s an excellent place to experience the atmosphere of the village.

Visit Can Prunera

This modernist museum, located in a 20th-century house, is a treasure of art and architecture, offering an immersion in the modernist style that defines Sóller.

Learn About the Culture of the Orange Tree at Ecovinyassa

You must visit the Vinyassa orchard to understand the importance of oranges in the region. Here you can taste products such as jams and orange blossom infusions.

Shopping and Gastronomy

Local markets are perfect for purchasing typical products from the area. Also, don’t miss the homemade orange ice cream at Sa Fàbrica de Gelats.

Travel on the Sóller Train

A romantic and nostalgic experience is to travel from Palma on this historic train, during a journey of approximately half an hour you will enjoy stunning landscapes and a different visit to Sóller.

Tram to the Port of Sóller

Take the tram at the Plaza de España to embark on a short journey that ends at the picturesque port of Sóller, where you can enjoy sea excursions and hiking.

Relax on Nearby Beaches and Coves

visit playa d’en Repic

The region around Sóller has idyllic beaches and coves such as Playa del Puerto de Sóller, Playa d’en Repic, Es Canyeret, Cala Tuent, Sa Calobra, and Cala Deià.

On these beaches, you can spend a beach day to relax or practice water sports like snorkeling.

If you have a rental car or motorcycle, both access to beaches and coves as well as to other attractions of Sóller will be more comfortable and easy, as you can go at your own pace without depending on schedules or public transport.

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Sóller is a destination that offers something for everyone: from history and architecture to nature and gastronomy. It’s a place to relax, explore, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Mallorca.

Visiting from Cala d’Or with a vehicle, whether a car or rental motorbike in Cala d’Or, makes access much simpler and gives you the freedom to explore the island of Mallorca and this town at your own pace.


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