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What to see in Cala Figuera

Discover the Magic of Mallorca in Cala Figuera

In the heart of Mallorca island, you will find a paradisiacal corner – get ready to fall in love with the charming village of Cala Figuera! This coastal gem is much more than just a beach; it’s an experience that immerses you in the serenity of crystal-clear waters and the charm of a fishing village that seems frozen in time.

Paradise for Sea Lovers

visiting cala figuera in mallorca

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The coast of Cala Figuera has a “Y” shape, with its entrances forming the beaches of Caló d’en Boira and Caló d’en Busques. Its crystal-clear waters are the perfect setting to enjoy a relaxing beach day or engage in activities like snorkeling.

Experience the Essence of Cala Figuera: The Harbor

visiting cala figuera harbor
In Cala Figuera, you will discover the Mallorcan essence. The fishermen’s houses lining the harbor tell stories of generations that have depended on the sea for centuries. Every narrow alley invites you to explore the island’s culture and tradition in its purest form. Having a rental car or motorcycle is the perfect option to access this wonderful village, as public transportation access isn’t easy.

The harbor in Cala Figuera is the main attraction of the village. Strolling along the pier, photographing the white houses with green doors, and breathing tranquility by the sea will make Cala Figuera one of your favorite spots on the island.

Admire a Dreamy Sunset

Bid farewell to the day while admiring the sunset in Cala Figuera. In this village, sunsets are magical; the sky is painted with warm tones that reflect on the water, creating a true visual spectacle, a postcard from the dreamy island. If you are a lover of photography or sunsets, you can’t miss it.

Don’t Leave Without Enjoying Its Gastronomy

dining in cala figuera
The experience in Cala Figuera wouldn’t be complete without indulging in the delicious local cuisine. The restaurants along the harbor invite you to savor fresh and authentic dishes while enjoying stunning seaside views.

After reading this article, are you ready to explore Cala Figuera? Discover the coastal magic, immerse yourself in local culture, and let yourself be captivated by the timeless beauty of this corner of Balearic paradise.

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