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Sanctuary of Saint Salvador

This is another good route to take from Cala d’or. The Santuary of Saint Salvador is located in the Felanitx municipality where Porto Colom belongs to. It is at just 1,5 km from the town of Felanitx and not far from Cala d’or. It might take you only 20 minutes to reach the foot of the mountain from Cala d’Or on a rented car. The top of the mountain is at 500 meters so it could take another 10 to 15 minutes to reach it. You will see the greatest views of the south east of the island from the top of Sant Salvador. It is quite a wellknown route for many ciclysit and runners who enjoy fighting their way up the steep twisting mountain roads. We advise travelling there on a rented car or on a rented motorbike from Cala d’Or unless you are an experienced ciclyst!!.

The sanctuary dates back to the year 1348 and there you will find a church, a small chapel and a monument to Christ the king which is 7 meters high and standing on a platform of 37 square meters. This monument can be seen in the picture above and in the dron shooting of the video in this post where you will be able to see Cala d’Or when viewing the coast line. This visit will place you in the higuest spot of the south east of the Island. It might be an interesting trip to first stop in Portocolom to then visit the Sanctuary of Sont Salvador before visiting the town of Felanitx or travelling to the north east to discover some interesting beaches like Cala Varques close to Porto Cristo.


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