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Mondrago Park

This is one of the best alternatives you have while staying in Cala d’or. Visiting Mondrago Natural Park is a “must do” trip during your holidays in Cala d’or. The great thing is that the Park is very close to Cala d’or. Mondrago is located right just next to Porto Petro. It is worth thinking of visiting the area on a bicycle ride. Bear in mind that you will be able to travel down to the beaches without having to leave the car on the parking area at around 500 meters from the beach.

Mondrago Park Picture

If you are also thinking on visiting other areas like Santanyi or travel further away perhaps is worth renting a car or a motorbike instead. Whichever means of transport you use do not forget to visit Porto Petro before reaching Mondrago. The Mondrago Park has three main beaches: the little Calo des Borgit, Sa Font de N’Alis where the two restaurants are and S’Amarador my prefered one!!! S’Amarador beach is the one you can see on the top of the post. The three beaches are connected so you can walk to them.

The Mondrago Park has two different parking areas: one close to Porto Petro which is the best one if you are travelling from Cala d’or and a second one that you should go if you are travelling from Santanyí or Cala Figuera. The second picture in this article is taken from a hiking route you can undertake from this second parking area.  There are several hiking routes in the Mondrago Natural Park. You will find these routes when you arrive to the area. They are easy walking routes that anyone can do.

In order to find the mondrago Park from the main Sprint Car and Moto Sprint office in Cala d’Or we would advise travelling to the roundabout number 9 and then to roundabout 10 until the roundabout 11 in Cala Egos where you will find a big sign indicating the entrance to Cala d’Or. Then travel down to Porto Petro where you will find indications to find the Mondrago Park.

If you are riding a bicycle from the main office is worth riding down to the Cala d’or Marina and cycle all the way to the other side and then ride up to roundabout 11 in Cala Egos before riding down to Porto Petro.

Here we are aslo including a video shooting we did in Mondrago and a picture of the beach called Calo des Borgit. You can walk to this little and beautiful beach from the main beach in Mondrago the so called Sa Font de n’Alis.






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