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Cales de Mallorca: Enjoy the Mediterranean essence

Get ready to discover Cales de Mallorca, a destination where the blue of the sky merges with the turquoise of the sea creating dreamlike panoramas. Renting a scooter in Cala d’Or, a car, or a bike gives you the freedom to explore this paradisiacal corner of the island at your own pace, discovering hidden coves, stunning natural landscapes, and unique cultural treasures. Here is an exclusive guide on what to see and do in Cales de Mallorca.

Dive into the Paradisiacal Coves

The name Cales de Mallorca is no coincidence. This destination is famous for its coves with turquoise waters and golden sands, peaceful corners where time seems to stop. Cala Varques, accessible after a short walk through a trail surrounded by nature, is a must-visit for sea lovers. Equally impressive is Cala Antena offering spectacular views and a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the sun and sea. With your rental car or motorcycle you can take a route that will allow you to discover the most hidden coves of this locality.

Cala Murada

cales de mallorca manacor village

Cala Murada is a picturesque beach located on the east coast of Mallorca, surrounded by cliffs and Mediterranean vegetation. Its calm atmosphere makes it the perfect destination for those looking to escape the tourist hustle and enjoy nature in its purest form. The cove has calm and crystal-clear waters, ideal for swimming and snorkeling. In addition, its nearby restaurant and beach bar services ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay.

Cala Antena

cales de majorca village

Cala Antena, also located on the east coast of Mallorca, is known for its unique access through stairs carved into the rock, adding a touch of adventure to its visit. This small but charming cove offers an idyllic setting for sun and sea lovers, with turquoise waters surrounded by high cliffs. Although it is more secluded and less equipped than other beaches, its natural beauty more than compensates, offering a perfect space to disconnect and admire the landscape.

Cala Varques

cala varques mallorca

Cala Varques is perhaps the most virgin and spectacular of the three, offering a unique experience of isolation and contact with nature. This cove is more remote and its access is a bit more complicated, which helps to preserve its natural state and atmosphere of tranquility. It is a favorite place for those looking for a beach day in an almost untouched environment. Its clear waters and surroundings of pine trees and cliffs make it the perfect setting for snorkeling and marine exploration.

Discover the local history and culture

Cales de Mallorca is surrounded by small towns with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Manacor, known for its pearls and furniture, offers an excellent opportunity to learn about the island’s artisanal industry. On the other hand, the charming town of Porto Cristo, with its impressive natural harbor and the famous Drach Caves, provides an unforgettable underground experience with its classical concert on the subterranean lake.

Savor Mallorcan cuisine

The experience in Cales de Mallorca would not be complete without delighting in the local cuisine. The area’s restaurants offer everything from traditional Mallorcan dishes to Mediterranean seafood delicacies. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the “tumbet”, a delicious combination of vegetables and potatoes, or the fresh fish baked in salt, dishes that tell the story of the island in every bite.

Unforgettable Sunsets

End your day with one of the most beautiful spectacles that Mallorca has to offer: its sunsets. Drive with your rental car or motorcycle to a viewpoint, lighthouse, or beach and get ready to enjoy a sunset that paints the sky with warm colors as the sun dips into the sea.

Car, motorcycle, or bike rental in the south of Mallorca

Cales de Mallorca is much more than a beach destination; it’s a journey to the essence of what makes Mallorca special: its nature, its culture, its history, and above all, its ability to surprise and enchant every visitor. Renting a car or motorcycle at Sprint opens the doors to a world full of unforgettable experiences on the island. Are you ready to explore this Mediterranean paradise?


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