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Cala Llombards, Caló des Moro and S’Almunia


In this post we are going to advise you to discover three of the most beautiful coves in Mallorca. They are not far from Sprintrental at just around 21km away. A trip by scooter can be a good way to get there. Please be aware of the new ACIRE restrictions in Cala Llombards where these beaches are located. There are several streets (more than 20) where vehicles are not allowed to access. There is a high risk of being fined when driving in ACIRE areas  –Restricted Circulation Areas where only residents will be allowed to drive-. Please park outside these ACIRE areas making sure you don’t drive through them when travelling on a hired car or motorbike.


Cala Llombards is the largest of the three. It is a stunning cove near the small town of Es Llombards. The beach is only 55 metres long but nearly 150 metres deep  towards the pines and bushes located at the entrance of the cove. This secluded beach is surrounded by steep cliffs and rocky areas, as well as pine trees and bushes. Its sand is white and soft and its waters are beautifully crystalline and ideal for snorkelling. The waves are non-existent, or practically non-existent, which also makes it ideal for swimming with small children. This beach is designed to relax and not as a party beach or with external activities. You can still see some fishermen's houses along the cove which gives it an additional charm. 



Then we think you should not miss the opportunity to discover Cala S’Almunia and Es Caló des Moro which are also located in the Cala Llombards area. These two beaches despite being two very close coves with only around 100 metres apart they are very different from each other with their own personality and charisma. They form together with Cala Llombards a perfect combination to spend a great day at the beach in the south east of Mallorca not far from Sprintrental. It is well worth getting up early to take advantage of the day in an environment like this. 

Caló Des Moro

This beach is considered one of the most spectacular and paradisiacal coves on the island that you cannot miss for anything in the world. 

This small sandy area located between cliffs in this rocky part of the south east of mallorca stands out  for having  crystal clear turquoise water. 

A small route of just 15 minutes from where you have to leave the rented car or the scooter will take you to what is probably the best cove in Mallorca.


Caló des Moro is located next to Cala Llombards and travelling there by car from Cala d’or will take you around 25 minutes and a bit more if you are travelling in a scooter.

Once the car is parked you have to continue along a paved road surrounded by chalets until you take the path that takes you to the beach. 

Once the road ends, a path begins that skirts the cliffs until reaching Caló des Moro. The path has no difficulty or slope and the views it gives us are wonderful. And there is no better place to contemplate the beauty of this beach than from above.

The thing twists a bit when you get to the actual access to the beach. Here you have to go down some small rock stairs with quite a slope. They are not dangerous, far from it, but they do require some concentration, even going down with your ass or having to use your hands. 

Caló Des Moró is barely 30 meters long and 20 meters wide. The tonality of the water at the foot of the beach is just as spectacular as from above. 

Cala S’Almunia

Cala s’Almunia is a pier carved by the sea forming a rocky cove. It is surrounded by old fishermen’s houses where the flat areas are used by bathers as solariums.

To enter the sea, the typical ramps that fishermen use to launch boats are used. They should take precautions to avoid falls due to the presence of slippery green algae on nearby rocks. Its underwater beauty makes this area an excellent place to practice diving.


To get to the cove you have to go down a stone staircase. From the area of ​​rocks where there is a small cave the youngest jump into the sea.