Hire a car in Mallorca?

When planning your holidays in Mallorca you might find yourself wondering whether you should hire a car or not. There are a few questions that you should ask yourself first:

Do you want to spend your holidays in a touristic resort like Cala d’Or where you have all the amenities at walking distance? or you prefer to rent a property or accommodation to stay away from these amenities so you can enjoy the nature and the quietness of a more remote area in Mallorca?

There is no doubt that an accommodation in a remote area will require in most cases a car rental so you can move from your location to the supermarket and to the different places you want to visit even if you just want to relax without too much sightseeing. A car hire with an airport pick up will be the best bet in our opinion.

Even if you stay in a resort like Cala d’Or  where you have all the amenities close by you might also want to discover other parts of Mallorca. In this case you might just want to hire a car only one or two days. A local car hire company will be the best option for this type of holidays. An affordable taxi transfer will allow you to comfortably get from the airport to Cala d’or with no stress and much faster than having to queue in a Car rental office based at the Palma de Mallorca Airport.

Please bear in mind that some car rental companies will offer a car at the airport but you will have to get onto a shuttle service that will take you to the closest office located at 1 or 2km away from the airport. Be carefull as you might end up waiting more than two hours before you have your car ready to leave.

For those that want to stay in Cala d’Or but want to travel and discover many parts of the island it will be much better to have the car already available at the airport. You need to ensure that you have all the information of the pick up in advance to avoid ending in a queue of any car rental office right after you have landed into Palma de Mallorca Airport.

As an alternative you should consider arranging a car hire with a local company that offers the possibility of a car pick up at the airport and with a closed budget with days in advance. Make sure there are no extra hidden costs when arriving to Mallorca. Having the certainty that you have the right indications to pick up the car when landing to Palma de Mallorca airport will be a very important part of the process when securing the right car rental company.

Options to hire a car in Cala d'Or or at the airport when travelling to Mallorca