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Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay securely online via credit card or paypal. If you pay in person at any of our offices you can pay by cash or credit card.

There is no deposit to be paid on top of the cost of the service. We will only request a deposit in advance under very special circumstances or when you plan to return the car at the airport. Please contact customer services for the cost and procedure for this special service at the airport. 

You must provide your ID or Passport and the appropriate drivers license. We will also require the details of your Credit Card if you rent a car. Please check below the minimum age and type of drivers license we require:
  •       50cc Scooter or Quad
Min. 18 years, B/AM driving license. You must have previous driving experience with Scooters.
  •        110cc or 125cc Scooter or Motorbike
Min. 18 years, A1/A license or a minimum of 3 years holding a B license to rent the scooter (the B license option is not applicable to the 125cc motorbike).
  •       All other Motorcycles
Min. 18 years and A or A2 category driving license
  •       A Car
Min 21 years and a B license.

*Note: If your driver license is not from a country of the European Economic Union or from a country without agreement with Spain, you need to have an international driving permit (IDP). The valid documents are regulated by the law stated by the country where you are driving, not the document’s origin country.

Your partner can also drive so long as he or she has the relevant license and is included in the Rental Agreement. He or she will have to provide the same documentation as the main driver.

There is a small charge per day for a second driver of the vehicle.

The rental includes a helmet. Two helmets will be included if you are taking a passenger.

When you hire a car or a motorbike you are automatically covered under our standard insurance which is included in the rental price.  This is All Risk and covers you for third party claims, and breakdown assistance. This insurance comes with an excess only charged if you have an accident with the vehicle. This amount will depend on the vehicle you hire. The excess can range between 250 euros for small scooters to 1500 euros to some of our cars.  Please contact customer service if you need to clarify the amount. Alternatively, you can take out the Full Sprint Insurance for a full liability with no excess. The cost of this insurance is also based on the type of vehicle being hired. Please contact customer service for the amount for your chosen vehicle.

Yes, your vehicle will be supplied to you with a certain amount of petrol. Please bring it back with the same amount for the next customer. If you would prefer us to fill it up there is an extra charge. The rental agreement will specify the amount of petrol the vehicle has been rented with.

You must pick up and return the vehicle in one of our offices as stated in the rental agreement.

We offer a free Shuttle service for clients to and from your Hotel or Property if you are staying in one of the following areas: Cala Serena, Cala Ferrera, Cala d’or, Cala Egos, Porto Petro, Mondrago.

If you are a little further away and want to rent a vehicle for 3 or more days this service can also be included, but please consult first with our customer service team to check location and availability.

The time of this service will depend on the area where you are picked up or returned. The pickup will take place at a pre-arranged time between 8:30 and 12:30 and the return service between 17:00 to 19:30. Please contact customer service to consult the timetables.

Yes, you have the option to add a 12h extension to your rental which means that you can return the vehicle the following morning before 9:00 am if you rent it for 1 day plus the 12h extension.

No, it is not possible. You must return the scooter or motorbike to our office. This special service is only possible when renting a car for a minimum of 3 days

No. All vehicles must remain on the island.

Yes, you can pay with a debit card however if you hire a car with us you will also be required to provide the details of a credit card as a guarantee. We will not charge anything to the card. The details of a debit card will not be accepted as a guarantee.

No, we can only rent you our vehicles if you have the ability to drive them safely and you also have the correct license and age to do it.

No. It is absolutely necessary that you bring your official documentation to our office so we can double check them. We will greatly appreciate it if you have already scanned it for us but we must make sure you also have the original documentation with you when you sign the contract.

Please bear in mind that we do not want to be fined as a company for renting vehicles to undocumented people.

No, there is no extra cost for taking a passenger so long as only the person named on the Rental Agreement is driving.

You must request it. There is an extra fee for hiring a car with a booster or baby seat.

Call the emergency services first (112)and then call us as soon as you can. You will find our contact details on the Rental Agreement. You are fully covered by our insurance for damages against third parties. For damages caused to, or theft of the scooter, the insurance reduces the amount to be paid for damages to the excess amount. If you contract the Full Sprint Insurance you will not pay anyth

Fines and speeding/parking tickets will be charged some time after you have returned the vehicle using the credit card details we hold. There will be an administration fee of €30 added.

Please make sure you are briefed in our office about the ACIRE restrictions when driving in the centre of Palma as we are receiving many fines from customers driving the rented car into Palma. Please check the attached document from Palma.

The vehicle can be picked up at any time from 8:00 in the morning if you come to our offices to collect it, or at the arranged time if you have contracted our free Shuttle transfer service. The vehicle must be returned before 20:00 on the same day or earlier at the arranged time if you have requested the Shuttle transfer service to your accommodation.

Yes. The only thing we ask you is to call us in advance to check if the vehicle is still available. In the event it is not available we will usually be able to offer an alternative one. If we grant you the extension we will charge the difference when you return the vehicle.