In this post we introduce the S 02i. This is the new SPRINTRENTAL electric scooter for the sustainable tourist. It is a 100% electric motorcycle accessible to all those with a car licence, valid for three years, or with the A1 licence. With a 4.5KW motor it has a maximum autonomy of 120 km and a top speed of 80km/h. This eco electric scooter reaches 50km/h in about 5 seconds.


At SPRINTRENTAL we understand that the future of tourism will require sustainable transportation with electric vehicles within the smart tourist city concept. The future will require accommodation and tourist services with its charging points equipped with its own renewable distributed generation, with an energy contribution mainly coming from solar energy. These charging points will allow SPRINTRENTAL to increase its fleet of sustainable eco electric scooters and cars with renewable consumption without emissions and with zero noise impact under the concept of SILENCE vehicles.


With this electric scooter we take the first step at SPRINTRENTAL by introducing the S 02i, with zero emissions with which we also suppress the usual environmental noise of gasoline motorcycles.


This silence scooter whose autonomy is more than reasonable for a destination like Mallorca and represents a first step towards smart tourist cities. In this vision of the future the customer will require applications to help them move around destinations and obtain information on the best places to go, receiving alerts about the businesses that offer their charging points and if any place is out of service or inaccessible.


In this first step the S 02i will allow the customer to travel to any of the destinations that we recommend on our website. A round trip to the Santanyí market will not require long recharging times during vehicle breaks. Trips to Palma are carried out without any problem if a charging point is guaranteed at night when the vehicle has more recharging hours.


In this transition our vocation for service will be the bridge to the future and in the short run we will undoubtedly need to provide the necessary information on the charging points as well as the most recommended destinations so that the customer experience is satisfactory and sustainable.