If you hire a car with sprintrental and you plan to drive into Palma city you need to be extremely careful not to drive into Restricted Traffic Zones (ACIRE) where you will be fined for doing so. These areas are restricted to authorised vehicles as these are considered to be places with the largest number of pedestrians in the city of Palma and non-drivers have the right of way. Walking or using public transport is without a doubt the only option in these areas.


Please do not get confused when seeing some vehicles driving into these areas as they have special permits but your rented car does not have it and you will end up getting fined if you get into these restricted areas. Please check the map below to understand where these areas are located. 




When driving with your hired car into Palma please look for a car parking area like the one located underground in front of the Cathedral. Then you can safely discover the city walking from there. There are more car parking areas in Palma located before the entrance to the old town so please avoid driving into the city centre at all costs.


How the process of being fined and paying it works:


When your rented car drives through the access control point of these areas, cameras read the number plate and compare it with the database of ACIRE authorised vehicles. As your hired car number plate is not registered the system finds the ownership of this vehicle and sends the fine to Sprintrental. This process will take some weeks and the fine will not reach sprintrental until some time after your holidays in Mallorca are over. When we receive the fine we will have to contact you to charge your credit card to pay for the fine.


As this is a very unpleasant situation for us we please ask you to follow our advice so you don’t drive into restricted areas when you go to Palma with your rented car.

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